Australian Grown Hemp Seeds, Oil and Protein

Melbourne Hemp is a leading online supplier of organic hemp seeds, protein and seed oil, and ecofriendly hemp and bamboo clothing, accessories and skin care.

When you buy hemp products from us you’re supporting a company that endeavours to supply the best quality products available from trustworthy sources.

The Hemp Oil and Hemp Protein we sell online are from


They are grown in TASMANIA and tested free from chemical contaminants but not Certified Organic.



 Does Not Mean


Contrary to appearances, none of these statements necessarily mean that the Hemp Seeds used are grown in Australia.

Only that they are processed/packaged in facilities that have Australian organic certification.

The seeds imported may have originally had an overseas organic certification.

 100% Australian Certified Organic Hempseeds may have been grown in CHINA

and certified organic there, then exported to Germany

then brought into our country to receive Australian Organic Certification.

Because of Confusing Labeling of 100% Australian Certified Organic Hemp Seeds, Hemp Oil & Hemp Protein 

many may be led to believe falsely that they must be Australian grown products.

The hulled/dehulled Hemp Seeds we sell online at present are from New Zealand.

Buy online with confidence

We take care to ensure that all hemp oil, seeds and protein we sell is genuinely and entirely grown and processed here in Australia. Our company has been extremely proactive in seeking out the best, highest quality products on the market, ensuring that we can offer a food-grade product, even though hemp is not currently permitted to be sold as food in our country.

When you buy hemp oil online that’s been produced by our company, you know it’s been chemically profiled for essential fatty acids (EFA) and free-fatty acids (FFA) by an intendent facility. Additionally, we conduct what’s known as supermarket chemical testing that screens for unwanted chemicals in our oils and meal. Whilst we can’t claim an organic certification for our products, we can assure our customers that our test results show the same results as any similar product that has been ‘certified organic’.

With our rigorous and strict standards of quality assurance and insistence on a full audit trail back to the farmer and the field the seeds originated from, you know we’re serious about providing the best possible product. Other companies are simply not able to provide their customers with this level of assurance and information about the product. Many companies may even be selling imported seeds or oils even though they carry an Australian certified label, and it’s important to remember that this does not mean it is food-grade.

I have been selling Australian-grown seed oil and protein powder online for about 10 years or so, introducing hemp seeds more recently.
At present there is a great deal of confusion surrounding buying hemp foods in Australia. Hopefully the following information may help to clear some confusion.

  1. At present hemp seeds and related products are not legal for human consumption in Australia. It is however legal to consume in the U.K., Canada, Europe & the U.S. Various Australian government committees have been reviewing the legal consumption issue for some years now, but continually defer making a decision.
  2. As you may well know there are many claims concerning the treatment of various Cancers using ‘hemp oil’. The oil usually referred to, in this case, is not the seed oil which I and others sell online. Because of different naming conventions across a variety of sites this difference can be confusing. This allegedly anticarcinogenic product is distilled from the leaves and maybe flowers of the cannabis plants. My knowledge concerning it is very limited. This product, unlike my seed oil, most likely contains cannabinoids and high amounts of the drug THC found in marijuana and is thus not legal in Australia.