Australian Certified Organic Hemp Seeds Made in Aust, GROWN in CHINA ???

Posted by hempshop on March 28, 2014 at 12:29 pm filled under Uncategorized Category

The New Hemp Seeds i now stock are Australian Certified Organic. This title does not mean they are Australian Grown. They are in fact from Organic Seeds from Canada given an Australian certification. There are other suppliers selling cheaper Australian Certified Organic Seeds, made in Australia by a hemp farm based company. This must surely mean they are Australian grown!No, not at all. If you search the FAQ section right at the end you will find they are imported.

This supplier has been sourcing seed from Germany up till recent times and probably is still at present.

So it is grown in Germany!

Well maybe!

I have been informed by another Australian supplier who when enquiring about importing from Germany, was told by the German company that because they cannot keep up demand they import seed from China

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